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What is Earning?

Earning.com is a platform where "Earning" meets "Value" meets "Opportunity"

Earning.com connects users, to value and in return, rewards them with value in Earnings Tokens. Value can be denominated in any asset agreed upon between stakeholders in a transaction. Value is delivered based upon agreement of the requestor of value and the approver of delivery of value.

Earning.com Provides Direct Philanthropy on a Global Scale!

With Over 50% of the world having little to no access to sustainable income, Earning.com creates the foundation for an active global economy.

Our Goal

We Bring Together Workforce & Economy

The key to Earning.com is to solve one major business problem while creating an incredible opportunity for direct philanthropy. Our ultimate goal is to be the all-in-one solution for providing value to any user around the globe, through jobs, certifications, scholarships, loans & charity.

All users – both here and abroad– will have access to this solution from a single application. With the power of blockchain technology and our workflow engine, it has never been easier to participate in a global economy!


Earning Tokens Accepted in Multiple Currencies

Best Token

Legal governance, risk management, and compliance.

Unique Size of

Earning can be implemented in any industry

Operational platform

Decentralized Platform for Tokens and Smart Contracts.


One Currency For Everyone

Earning.com allows ALL currencies in the world to use our system as a means of controlled distribution of value. Forms can be used for the submission of work, for applications for grants, for requests for disbursements, etc. 

Earnings tokens can be denominated in multiple currencies – fiat or crypto. Our token will be one of many ways that people can be paid. The expectation is that payment will be made first in Earnings, then also in other currencies.


Access to Global Resources

Earning.com provides users with an entire ecosystem of tools and methods of collaboration, to facilitate success in the program the earner is participating in.  

We have tools perfect for the entrepreneur to spin up and operate their business.  The earner is able to create their business plan, collaborate, crystalize and communicate their company vision, build their business plan, build and manage their cashflow plan and runway, manage their captable, manage strategic goals, etc.  We then give the earners access to a network of vendors who offers products and services into this marketplace.

Our Best Asset

The Earning.Com Team