What is Earning?

Earning.com is a platform designed to empower the global workforce to earn a living wage. We combine funds from public, philanthropic and private sources to increase the total compensation available for the work to be performed. Then, through mentoring, apprenticeship, training and certification, we provide a means of upward mobility nonexistent in most gig economy platforms. We remove a tremendous amount of fraud and inefficiency in the work economy resulting in an increase in work availability.
Our Goal

Enabling the Global Workforce with Technology

Earning.com leverages technology to unite the global workforce with opportunities regardless of their social hierarchy. The platform provides the ability for small to large organizations and philanthropic communities to generate jobs and leverage the earning community of workers. Through earning.com's training and certification platform, we empower people to contribute to the global workforce and advance their status in life.

Earning Tokens Accepted in Multiple Currencies

Best Token

Legal governance, risk management, and compliance.

Unique Size of

Earning can be implemented in any industry

Operational platform

Decentralized Platform for Tokens and Smart Contracts.

Better Pay

Earners earn more and get Paid Faster

Earners are paid in cryptocurrency. This allows for near-instant payment for work performed. In the emerging markets, exploitation of labor is a major problem. Instant payment and availability of funds resolves that issue. Earning.com also facilitates saving wealth in asset backed cryptocurrency. We are in discussions with companies who have tokenized holdings in gold, silver, real estate, oil, etc.

Tools To Equip Entrepreneurs

Earning.com provides users with an entire ecosystem of tools and methods of collaboration, to facilitate success in the program the earner is participating in.
We have tools perfect for the entrepreneur to spin up and operate their business. The earner is able to create their business plan, collaborate, crystalize and communicate their company vision, build their business plan, build and manage their cashflow plan and runway, manage their capable, manage strategic goals, etc. We then give the earners access to a network of vendors who offers products and services into this marketplace.
Our Best Asset

The Earning.com Team